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The Campaign.

This is an urgent campaign being launched in order for SPARKS to be able to keep their doors open.  The donations that we receive are being matched anonymously.  Many families rely upon the services they receive from SPARKS.  Our goal is to give support to the moms in need and help them take care of themselves and their families. Giving is not just about making a donation it’s about making a difference.


● A donation of $180 and up will enable you to win a 3 night stay in a luxury villa in Miami, Florida (excluding high season).


● A donation of $1800 and up will give you and a guest a unique & exclusive evening in New York City.


For every donation made, you may choose a recipient to receive a custom designed card letting them know of your donation in their honor. 

The Cause.

SPARKS’ dedication to mothers and families reaches from its base in New York City to anywhere a mother can be found, in America and across oceans.  From hormonal imbalances, Postpartum Depression (PPD), and emotional health, SPARKS strives to support the 1 in 5 women who suffer from perinatal disorders.  Some suffer in silence, their family deteriorating while Mom is in bed crying.  Others simply don’t bond with their baby, pushing him/her away.  Some end up in the psychiatric ward of the hospital.  We are a non-profit, and we depend on your partnership to help us meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of 20% of all moms.  These women are hiding in every community, even yours.  Together we can be a light of hope to those in darkness.

  • Sparks is a non profit 501(c)3. Our tax ID is: 26-0794276
  • SPARKS website: www.sparkscenter.org
  • SPARKS helpline: 718-2-SPARKS (277-2757)
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    Motty Kenigsberg Goal: $1,500
    Moshe Kenigsberg Goal: $5,000
    Benny Waks Goal: $1,800
    Yocheved Follman Goal: $1,000
    Shia & Risi Goldman Goal: $1,000
    Yiddy Fuchs Goal: $1,800
    Yiddy & Rivky Klein Goal: $1,800
    Surie Kraus Goal: $1,800
    Aviva Bennet Goal: $1,000
    David Dvash Goal: $3,600
    Yiddy Kenigsberg Goal: $750
    Chananya Rubin Goal: $1,800
    Shloimy and Esty Fuchs Goal: $1,800
    Carlibach Minyan Goal: $5,000
    Shulem Mordechai Glick Goal: $2,500
    Chaya Blumenberg Goal: $1,000
    Avrumy and Racheli Ulano Goal: $1,800
    Duvy Hopstein – Huppy Goal: $1,800
    Deniel Finkelman Goal: $5,000
    Shulem Kohen Goal: $1,800
    Supporters: 200
    Dvash $500
    s m glik Through: Moshe Kenigsberg $1,000


    Rafael Fouzailoff Through: Moshe Kenigsberg $1,800

    “Esther Keningsberg”

    Anonymous $50
    Anonymous $360
    Anonymous $2,600
    Anonymous $54
    Anonymous Through: Duvy Hopstein – Huppy $100

    “in honor of esther”

    Anonymous $180
    Shimon Goldberger Through: Moshe Kenigsberg $54

    “In honor of the Kenigsburg Family one of the most amazing people ”

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